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About us

Cyberia was founded in 2022 by a team of young and dynamic entrepreneurs, passionate of complex projects and new technologies. The idea behind Cyberia is to give major technological and industrial players the access to the pool of experts they need for short missions or for accompanying their long-term projects on a consultancy basis.

Cyberia International is based in the UAE. During its first months of activity, Cyberia is already dealing with projects in Europe, UAE, and China, making it already an international solutions provider.
Inheriting high-quality standards and processes from international companies where its management worked before, Cyberia has already been certified ISO-9001 and ISO-14001, and in the process of receiving ISO-45001. The company is aiming to be in line with the most recent ecological, sustainability and governance requirements and bring to its clients this expertise.


01 — People

Our values

With its motto “When technology meets people”, Cyberia underlines that high-tech is before anything else a story of dedicated individuals. Being our clients or our consultants, we support the people giving us their trust. Transparency, commitment, best standards of HSE and Human resources are the fundamentals of Cyberia company.

02 — Solutions

We are convinced that a service is not deemed delivered if the client is not satisfied 100% by our solutions. Cyberia is about agile project management, delivery on time, within and above the client’s expectations, deploying innovative and creative solutions and support our clients in their most complex projects.

03 — Compliance

We are deeply committed to deliver all our services in a compliant and responsible manner. Cyberia is working in line with the most recent ecological, sustainability and governance requirements and can bring to its clients this expertise. Cyberia management has been working for companies certified Ecovadis “platinum” level, and the objective is to reach the same level of excellence within the first few years of operation.


Packaged Services

Project Management

HR Services

For a given scope of work your project demands the deployment of a team of experts, in your premises, at your or your provider’s factory, on a construction yard overseas… We build with our consultants a packaged solution, encompassing all the aspects of the mission: from team consolidation to logistics and purchasing, including complex international payroll.
Your company decided to start a new project and you need a Project Management Team (PMT) to assess and follow up your contractors during the first phases of your project, feasibility studies, detailed design or project execution and delivery. We have access to world class managers and engineers to accompany you during each phase, ensuring we deliver your projects within budget and time, applying the best available technologies.
One of the key strengths of Cyberia is its network of experts, working worldwide in several industries and disciplines. You are searching for a particular profile to hire for your long-term endeavors? We deliver HR Advisory services, Executive search, technology and management headhunting to cover such needs.
Consulting is the most flexible form of our services. It regroups activities of advisory delivered by one or several of our experts on a time and materials basis to work temporarily on your given project.



IT/ Digitalisation

Process / Manufacturing

Infrastructure / Mining

Oil & Gas

Green Energies


Global Reach

Through Cyberia International located in the UAE, Cyberia can reach a broad pool of experts located all over the world, assess their skills and talents, match them with the various Clients needs and be able to deliver their services globally.

The multicultural team of Cyberia International has broad experience in delivering international projects, from Brazil to China, from Africa to Azerbaijan; and is using a wide range of state-of-the-art HR & payroll tools together with a network of selected local partners to accompany its consultants in more than 53 different countries.

Wherever you need your project to be delivered, Cyberia will organize and deliver it in the best possible way!
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